Champion Supporters

Champion Supporter: City of Courtenay

Mayor Larry Jangula congratulated staff, in particular Derek Richmond for his work as Chair of CAVI, and also Kevin Lagan. “You have both produced excellent work on water sustainability within the City and for the province in general,” stated the Mayor.

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Champion Supporter: Comox Valley Land Trust

“The current process has the Community Partnership working together with the CAVI-Convening for Action on Vancouver Island intitiative, Regional and Municipal planners, engineers and politicians to develop a new way of doing business,” says Jack Minard.

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Champion Supporter: Irrigation Industry Association of British Columbia

“The IIABC is collaborating to build a foundation for future change in order to help us align our industry education and certification offerings that include efficient irrigation systems. We all need to be accountable for our water resource. With shared tools and programs; we can collaborate to make a difference,” states Keesha Rosario.

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Champion Supporter: Living Rivers Partnership

“The learning captured in the ‘Primer on Integrated Rainwater and Groundwater Management for Lands on Vancouver Island and Beyond’ is being shared with other local governments on Vancouver Island. Knowledge-sharing is being facilitated through the Inter-Regional Education Initiative,” states Craig Wightman.

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Champion Supporter: Vancouver Island Economic Alliance

“The essence of the VIEA-CAVI partnership is contained in the phrase ‘economy and ecology in balance’. VIEA promotes regional initiatives that strengthen economic capacity; and CAVI represents the ecological perspective through its championing of green infrastructure and water sustainability,” states George Hanson.

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