2019 REPORT FROM THE SECRETARY: “The new Societies Act has allowed the Partnership to undertake some of its work in a virtual but rapid response manner,” stated Derek Richmond

Note to Reader:

Reproduced below from the 2019 Annual Report is the Report from the Secretary (Derek Richmond). To download a copy of the 2019 Annual Report, click here.

With a career of over four decades as a professional engineer and Chartered Water & Environmental Manager, Derek Richmond was an early pioneer in urban modelling and planning in the UK and in Canada. He has worked across a broad spectrum of water resource and infrastructure projects, issues and applications, and has applied those skills by working in both the private and public sector.

Derek’s career in government includes working for several local governments in British Columbia as manager of engineering.

The New Societies Act and Collaboration

The Partnership continues to operate effectively and with increased efficiencies since the introduction of the new Societies Act which came into effect in British Columbia in 2016. This has allowed the Partnership to undertake some of its work in a virtual but rapid response manner while still maintaining the one-on-one contact with the Directors.

Filing of reports as a requirement of the Societies Act has become easier; and also provides for quick reviews, changes and sharing of information.

As with other organizations operating under the Societies Act, we participated in a survey / review of the new Act and reported that we are able to function more effectively with its recent changes.

As we evolve and look to the future for changes within the organization, including an increasing workload, more complex issues, changes to directorship and succession planning, the tools we use and their applications are becoming ever more important.

We look forward to embracing these challenges and feel confident that we move ahead with a solid foundation for future administrations.