2018 Annual Report for the Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia

Develop Tools, Develop Talent, Focus on Outcomes

The Partnership originated as an inter-governmental initiative almost two decades ago, became the BC Water Sustainability Committee in 2003, and then on November 19, 2010 was incorporated as a not-for-profit society.

When the new Societies Act came into effect in British Columbia in November 2016, a significant outcome was the resulting clarity regarding distinctively different classifications of societies. This clarity helped the Partnership define its identity.

On transition, each pre-existing society was asked whether it wished to designate itself as a “member-funded society” by including a statement to that effect in its constitution. A member-funded society is a society that is funded primarily by its members to carry on activities for the benefit of its members.

A society cannot be a member-funded society if it receives government funding above a certain threshold. Hence, the choice was made for the Partnership. It is not and cannot be a member-funded society. The Partnership is funded exclusively by government and provides services to government.

Partnership Mission

The purpose of incorporation of the Partnership as a society is to ensure the legacy of the tools and initiatives developed under the umbrella of the Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia.

The mission of the Partnership is to develop tools and talent, and focus on outcomes that align regional and local actions with a provincial policy, program and regulatory framework for achieving water and watershed sustainability.

Scope of Annual Report

The 2018 Annual Report has an expanded scope in comparison with previous years. It now comprises a set of eight reports listed below:

  1. Report from the President
  2. Report from the Treasurer
  3. Report from the Executive Director
  4. Report from the Membership Chair
  5. Report from the Secretary
  6. Report from the Chair, Operational Plan Committee
  7. Report from the Chair, Vancouver Island Water Stewardship Annual Symposium Series
  8. Report from the Chair, Ecological Accounting Process (EAP) Initiative

Read together, these reports provide a comprehensive picture of the work of the Partnership. The last three on the list are included for the first time.


To download a copy of the 2018 Annual Report, click here.