DID YOU KNOW THAT: waterbucket.ca is home for the Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia

Note to Reader:

Prepare for climate change, choose to live water smart, and strive to build greener communities. Most importantly, make the right choices moving forward. The vision for the waterbucket.ca website is that it will inform and educate land use, infrastructure servicing, and asset management practitioners by providing easy access to information, tools and resources.

The waterbucket.ca website is rebuilt: the new look-and-feel is described as clean and contemporary. What do you wonder? Take a few moments to explore the Communities of Practice. Will you be surprised by what you learn?

Many land use, infrastructure servicing and asset management professionals in this province do know in principle what they ought to do. However, there is still a gap between UNDERSTANDING and IMPLEMENTATION. This results in a capacity-building challenge. Hence, the waterbucket.ca spotlight is on how to ‘bridge the gap’ between talk and action. That is mission possible.

Record our history as we create it. Showcase success stories. Celebrate the champions who lead by example.

“Working with the Partnership Executive is always a pleasure, and we were excited to have the opportunity to give their tired old site a fresh, new look with enhanced features,” stated Susan Friesen, Web Specialist  and Social Media Advisor with eVision Media.

“Knowing the Waterbucket user-base was wanting to find information easily, we redesigned the home page with not only a more contemporary look and feel but also to facilitate it being a portal to all of the different content-rich sections of the site.

“Now site users can enjoy a faster, easier and mobile-friendly experience to conduct their research and become more informed with the valuable resources the Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC provides.”

Visit these Communities of Practice

CONVENING FOR ACTION IN BC: Apply ‘cathedral thinking’ – a far-reaching vision, a well thought-out blueprint, and a shared commitment to inter-generational implementation – to create a lasting legacy. LEARN MORE

WATER-CENTRIC PLANNING: Plan with a view to water – whether for a single site, a region or the entire province. Choose to live water smart. Prepare communities for a changing climate.LEARN MORE

RAINWATER MANAGEMENT: Download British Columbia guidance documents. Learn about ‘sustainable watershed systems, through asset management’. Be inspired by success stories.LEARN MORE

GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE: Green communities – today’s expectations are tomorrow’s standards. Since built and natural environments are connected, design with nature! Celebrate successes. LEARN MORE

VANCOUVER ISLAND WATER: The Island is a demonstration region for ‘regional team approach’. Communicate. Cooperate. Coordinate. Collaborate. Share resources and learn from each other. LEARN MORE

WATER USE & CONSERVATION: ‘A Water Conservation Strategy for British Columbia’, released in 1998, is a foundation document. It marks the shift from a WHY change to HOW to change mind-set. LEARN MORE

AGRICULTURE & WATER: What do you wonder about British Columbia’s Agriculture Water Demand Model? Find links to reports on province-wide implementation. LEARN MORE

WATERBUCKET NEWS: The Partnership publishes weekly e-Newsletters. These feature champions who are leading changes in practice. Stories are replicated on our Blog for ease of reference.LEARN MORE