2015 AGM – Report from the Membership Chair


Categories of Membership

Pursuant to the bylaws of the society, the Board of Directors has established three categories of membership:

  1. Associate (non-voting)
  2. Professional (voting)
  3. Organization (voting)

2Peter-Law_Sep2015_120pIn 2015, and to stimulate new membership, the Board implemented a policy to incorporate a ‘membership’ fee into the registration cost for all PWS sponsored events. These individual are automatically enrolled in the Professional Category. To date, we have 47 members in this category, an increase of 34 members in 2015. The objective is to ‘engage’ new members by providing learning opportunities that will lead to networking with our PWS leadership team,” reported Peter Law, Membership Chair.

To Learn More:

To download a PDF copy, click on Report from the Membership Chair.

PWSBC_Membership Brochure_Dec-2014_page1


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