ANNUAL REPORT FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR (2015): “The Georgia Basin Inter-Regional Education Initiative is enabling sharing & learning through inter-regional collaboration. Everyone benefits,” stated Kim Stephens



PWSBC_Five Years Ago

The Partnership’s Mission: Develop Tools and Talent; Focus on Outcomes

Kim-Stephens1_DSC_0524_Nov2015_120p “The 2010 Land Summit, hosted by the Real Estate Foundation on November 19, is the ‘event of record’ at which the Partnership was announced to a provincial audience. A fact known to only a few is that we had been negotiating with the Premier’s Office to have Premier Gordon Campbell make the announcement at the Summit. Alas, the Premier resigned two weeks before the event. Oh well, politicians come and go. So we have learned to carry on with our mission – which is to develop tools and talent, and focus on outcomes,” stated Kim Stephens in his Report from the Executive Director.

Inter-Regional Collaboration

“We are particularly proud of what we are facilitating via the Georgia Basin Inter-Regional Education Initiative. Launched in 2012, the IREI is a partnership of five regional districts representing 75% of BC’s population. The IREI is enabling “sharing & learning” through inter-regional collaboration. Everyone benefits. Why reinvent the wheel when you can adapt what others are successfully doing?”

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To download a PDF copy of the complete report by Kim Stephens, click on Report from the Executive Director.


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