FLASHBACK TO 2009 (videos): Mike Tanner told “The Story of the Waterbucket.ca Website” at the Resilient Cities Conference




Mike Tanner, Chair of the Waterbucket.ca Website Partnership, described how the website is a vehicle for documenting and then sharing what takes place in Action Plan Mike tanner (120p) - october 2009forums.

“Launched in 2005, the waterbucket.ca website is the key to the communications strategy for the Water Sustainability Action Plan. The website is designed to provide the complete story on integrated land and water management – why, what, where and how.”

“We are writing our history as we create it. We have found it extremely effective to publish news-style stories…Our experience is that the use of photos and images is engaging; and attributing quotes to individuals in a conversational style has more impact than dry technical writing,” he explained.

Links to YouTube Videos

A set of video clips has been uploaded to YouTube to provide a record and capture the flavour of how Mike Tanner told the story of the Waterbucket.ca Website. Each video clip corresponds to a slide in Mike Tanner’s 7-slide PowerPoint presentation; and the typical length is approximately 1.5 minutes.

To download the set of PowerPoint slides that accompany the YouTube videos, click on The story of the waterbucket.ca website.

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