“The Partnership has really helped to move the bar in terms of how people deal with the water balance,” stated Councillor Judith Cullington

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Progress Report on 2014 Work Plan for Inter-Regional Collaboration

In 2012, the Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia asked the Boards of five regional districts – namely Capital, Cowichan Valley, Nanaimo, Comox Valley and Metro Vancouver – to endorse local government collaboration under the umbrella of Kim Stephens_2011_MED Seminar_120pthe Inter-Regional Education Initiative (IREI). The partners are now in Year 3 of inter-regional collaboration.

In February 2014, Kim Stephens, Partnership Executive Director met with the Environmental Services Committee of the Capital Regional District (CRD) to present a Progress Report on Inter-Regional Collaboration for Watershed Sustainability.

Watershed-Based Approach to Community Planning

“I take this opportunity to congratulate Kim Stephens and his Partnership team. For many year, I have been following your work; and I have seen you build up this massive resource inventory of all kinds of information related to watersheds and a watershed-based approach to community planning,” commented Judith Cullington, Councillor with the City of Colwood.

Judith Cullington_v2_120p“The Partnership has really helped to move the bar in terms of how people think about watersheds and deal with the water balance.”

“Kim, I think you have under-sold the value of what you do. There is a lot of really good information on the waterbucket.ca website and the waterbalance.ca website; and these link out to all kinds of other places.”

“Kim mentioned the weekly e-newsletter that the Partnership produces. I urge everyone on this committee to get on the distribution list because these e-newsletters will inform you about the latest and greatest news coming out. They always very informative. Kim, thank you for everything that you do,” concluded Judith Cullington.

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