CHAMPION SUPPORTER: Comox Valley Land Trust (December 2012)



About the Comox Valley Land Trust

The Comox Valley Land Trust (CVLT) is an organization of local volunteers dedicated to protecting the Comox Valley’s heritage of land and resources through voluntary conservation. Incorporated as a non-profit society in 1999, the CVLT has received general designation to hold conservation covenants under the Land Title Act and is authorized to accept donations of ecologically sensitive land.

What the Trust Does

The Comox Valley Land Trust (CVLT) has three areas of activity:

  • Land Conservation and Protection
  • Environmental Stewardship Tools
  • Comox Valley Conservation Strategy

The CVLT facilitated formation of a partnership of 20 local environmental and ratepayer groups to move forward the recommendations and concepts in the document “Nature Without Borders”. This is a region-wide strategy for land conservation, in consultation with the community and decision-makers in the ComoxValley. There are four implementation Teams hard at work in the community.

Creating Our Future: Comox Valley Conservation Strategy & Community Partnershp

“The main purpose of the Comox Valley Conservation Strategy (CVCS) is to prioritize sensitive ecosystems, create linkages over time via expanded riparian strips and designated recreation and biodiversity corridors and to create a new and exciting watershed-based land use planning framework,” states Jack Minard, Executive Director of the Comox Valley Land Trust.

“Adoption of the Regional Growth Strategy now confirms the vision for a sustainable Comox Valley. The work being done through groups like the CAVI-Comox Valley Regional Team moves this vision to implementable solutions.” (Note: The CAVI-Comox Valley Regional Team comprises the four Comox Valley local governments, the Comox Valley Land Trust, and TimberWest)

“The current process has the Community Partnership working together with the CAVI-Convening for Action on Vancouver Island intitiative, Regional and Municipal planners, engineers and politicians to develop a new way of doing business.”

To Learn More:

To access the homepage for the Land Trust, click here.

To access the homepage for the Comox Valley Conservation Strategy & Community Partnership, click here.

For more information about the CAVI-Comox Valley Regional Team, click here.

Comox Valley Land Trust is a Champion Supporter of the Partnership for Water Sustainability

“Commencing in 2008 with participation in the inaugural Comox Valley Learning Lunch Seminar Series, the Comox Valley Land Trust has made a material contribution to the success of the CAVI initiative,” reports Kim Stephens, Executive Director of the Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia. “Hence, we are pleased to announce that the Comox Valley Land Trust is recognized as a Champion Supporter of the Partnership.”

The Comox Valley is a provincial demonstration of what can be accomplished by a ‘regional team approach’. The fact that the Comox Valley Land Trust is sitting at the table with the four local governments exemplifies what we mean by a “top-down and bottom-up” approach.”

“We value our relationship with Jack Minard and greatly appreciate his ongoing contributions to the annual seminar series. Significantly, the 2012 set of regional team working sessions constituted “proof of approach” for the Inter-Regional Education Initiative on Rainwater Management in a Watershed Sustainability Context (IREI). This is an initiative of the Partnership. The experience gained in the Comox Valley will help facilitate full-scale implementation on both sides of the Georgia Basin in 2013 and beyond.”

To Learn More:

In 2009, CAVI released an article that connected the dots between the Comov Valley Regional Conservation Strategy, An Integrated Watershed Approach to Settlement Change, and the Regional Team Approach. To download a copy, click here.