Derek Richmond, Founding Member & Director

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Derek Richmond, M.Eng., P.Eng.

With a career of over four decades as a professional engineer and Chartered Water & Environmental Manager, Derek was an early pioneer in urban modelling and planning in the UK and in Canada.

He has worked across a broad spectrum of water resource and infrastructure projects, issues and applications ranging from master-planning to capital implementation and operations and maintenance, and has applied those skills by working in both the private and public sector.

Derek’s career in government includes working for several local governments in British Columbia as manager of engineering.

Career Highlights

Derek led the development of Alberta’s first Urban Stormwater Management Guidelines, participated in Environmental Impact Assessment reviews of Alberta Oil Sands initiatives and coal development, and took lead roles in the development of End Pit Lake Guidelines for East Slope Coal Mines and Oil Sands Development.

His passion for water resources has been been evident through successfully developing  collaborative alliances with stakeholders and community engagement.

Some of his career highlights include responsibility for province-wide maintenance and operation of water resource projects in Alberta and western-Canadian urban and river-basin water management, master planing and implementation of stormwater management infrastructure for most of the major towns and cities in Alberta.

Derek has served on numerous boards for not-for profit, professional and sports-based organizations and has been a member of the leadership team for The Partnership for Water Sustainability on Vancouver Island (formerly CAVI) since 2008 and served as its chair from 2011 – 2016. As an athlete, he has also represented Canada on the world stage on a number of occasions.


Derek’s contributions in a leadership role while in local government are recognized in Beyond the Guidebook: Moving Towards “Sustainable Watershed Systems, through Asset Management”, released in November 2015.

Quickly seeing where peer-based learning would lead, he played the lead role in bringing together Comox Valley local governments to be the demonstration region for the “Convening for Action in British Columbia” initiative. Derek Richmond is known for his passion for the mantra “get it right at the front-end”.

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