NEW STUDY: Green Infrastructure Investments Pay Off in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“Using local data, we were able to develop four hedonic pricing models that measure the impacts of Green Infrastructure on property values. Overall, the models indicate that the integration of Green Infrastructure into redevelopment projects has had a positive impact on property values," reports Kate Madison.

RBC STUDY: Paved Surfaces, Overloaded Infrastructure and Severe Weather Conditions All Create Challenges for Managing Excess Rainwater in Canada

“Canadians continue to have a love affair with paved driveways, and there’s a serious trickle-down effect. All the impermeable surfaces in cities create the ideal condition for excess water to overwhelm our already strained municipal stormwater systems. Municipalities, property developers and homeowners must work together to better manage stormwater,” stated Bob Sandford.

Dawson Creek and its Quest for Sustainable and Integrated Water Stewardship in Northeast British Columbia

"For the past twenty years, the City of Dawson Creek has taken upon itself to better understand and manage its source water supply. Its experience may be of value to other communities – both urban, rural and First Nations - around the province that have yet to prepare a Surface Water Protection Plan," states Reg Whiten. “Through the City’s creation of a formal, ongoing Watershed Steward position and program in 2008, considerable impetus has been given to SWPP implementation.”