Convening for Action in BC

‘The Partnership on Vancouver Island – Leadership in Water Sustainability’

“We need both immediate-term pragmatism and visionary dedication to sustainability if we are to preserve our capacity for positive and permanent regional vitality,” observes author and visionary Eva Kras. “Vancouver Island has a huge possibility, and responsibility, to form a type of model that communities in Canada can look to for ideas, related especially to the concept of collaboration.”

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MAGAZINE ARTICLE (October 2015): “Sustainable Watershed Systems” connects dots between municipal infrastructure, water balance services, and health of watersheds

Released in December 2014, ‘Asset Management for Sustainable Service Delivery: A BC Framework’ is a game-changer. “Sustainable Service Delivery is the New Paradigm. It is the singular aim. Sound Asset Management practices prevent in-service failure of assets which consequently cause service delivery interruptions. Therefore, Asset Management is the means to achieve the aim,” states David Allen.

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Fraser Basin Council publishes “A Guide to Water and Watershed Planning for BC Communities”

“Rethinking Our Water Ways has been developed to help planners, decision makers and communities strengthen their capacity to look after healthy watersheds and water resources. The guide offers a primer on 10 different types of water and watershed planning processes that are available in BC to manage water supply and demand; protect drinking water quality; and better integrate water, land and watersheds,” states Steve Litke.

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“Water-Centric Planning” Defined

“Water-centric planning means planning with a view to water. The underpinning premise is that resource, land use and community design decisions will be made with an eye towards their potential impact on the watershed. Implementation of water-centric strategies and solutions ultimately requires integration of missions, mandates and accountabilities of participating agencies,” states Erik Karlsen.

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Mission Possible: A 50-Year Vision for Urban Watershed Restoration

“We are CONNECTING THE DOTS between land use planning, development, watershed health AND infrastructure asset management. Those operating in the local government setting can now access tools and experience that will enable them to make a difference. The approach is keyed to three words: ALIGNMENT, COLLABORATION, INTEGRATION,” stated Kim Stephens.

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Okanagan Sustainable Water Strategy

Okanagan Basin Water Board – Anna Sears (120p)
The Sustainable Water Strategy is grounded in action. Twelve high-level Guiding Principles for water management and policy provide a framework for the Strategy. The key action items were developed respecting these Guiding Principles.

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