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Water-Centric Planning Community-of-Interest


“Water-centric planning means planning with a view to water – whether for a single site or the entire province. At the core of the approach is a water balance way-of-thinking and acting. The underpinning premise is that resource, land use and community design decisions will be made with an eye towards their potential impact on the watershed,” explains Kim Stephens. Read More

Historic New Water Legislation Introduced in British Columbia

Given our growing population, changing climate and expanding development, we must take concrete steps to ensure our supply of clean fresh water is sustainable. Our generation has a duty and an obligation to be water stewards today, and for the generations that follow,” stated Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations Steve Thomson. Read More

“Water Sustainability Act for British Columbia” — New legislation sets stage for considering water in land use decisions

“Over the past four years government has engaged widely with British Columbians. We have used this input to create legislation that provides greater certainty for water users, improves environmental protection, and better responds to local and regional needs. The Water Sustainability Act recognizes that groundwater and surface water are interconnected and addresses the need to manage them together,” stated Mary Polak. Read More

Wetlands, Not Wastelands: Workshop for Metro Vancouver Municipalities showcased “Water Sustainability Action Plan for BC”

“Context for the Wetland Workshop was provided by the vision for a Metro Vancouver Regional Green Infrastructure Network. Wetlands are the kidneys of the earth. We are challenging local government by posing this question: Is your municipality doing enough to prevent downstream impacts from rainwater runoff while maintaining healthy aquatic habitat?,” stated Neil Fletcher. Read More