Connecting Dots: “2005 Metro Vancouver Consultation Workshop” led to “Showcasing Green Infrastructure Innovation Series” and then to IREI

The Georgia Basin Inter-Regional Education Initiative (IREI) provides local governments on the east coast of Vancouver Island and in Metro Vancouver with a mechanism to share outcomes and cross-pollinate experience. “Sharing of knowledge and experience through ‘organic collaboration’ is vital because peer-to-peer learning is what practitioners respect most,” observes Thomas White.

Convening for Action in BC: Five regional districts endorse inter-regional education program to “Integrate Natural Systems Thinking Into Asset Management”

The program provides local governments with a mechanism to share outcomes and cross-pollinate experience with each other. "This partnership arrangement of sharing information related to rainwater management and watershed health provides the collaboration needed to further the work and education across multiple sectors leading to positive and continuous improvement," stated Simon So.

Cowichan Valley Regional Board reaffirms support for inter-regional collaboration within Georgia Basin

“The initiative is a unique format for Georgia Basin local governments to learn from each other by sharing approaches and successes in managing our water resources. The program will integrate natural systems and climate change thinking into asset management, as well as demonstrate how local governments can progress along the ‘asset management continuum’ to achieve the goal of sustainable service delivery for watershed systems," stated Brian Carruthers.

Capital Regional Board reaffirms support for inter-regional collaboration within Georgia Basin

“Support of the initiative enables CRD participation in a coordinated inter-regional information-sharing process. Local governments will benefit from the information sharing between four Vancouver Island regional districts and Metro Vancouver, learn from the experiences of the other regional districts and be able to participate in workshops delivered locally and elsewhere on Vancouver Island," stated Dale Green.

Comox Valley Regional Board reaffirms support for inter-regional collaboration within Georgia Basin

"The Inter-Regional Education Initiative, known by the acronym IREI, is closely linked to CAVI – Convening for Action on Vancouver Island. The Comox Valley CAVI team facilitates collaboration at the regional level, and IREI connects the regions for inter-regional collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas, policies and approaches for rainwater management and more recently, asset management," wrote Kris La Rose.

Achieving the Cascading Objectives for Inter-Regional Collaboration would create a Watershed Health Legacy in the Georgia Basin

“Accepted ‘standards of practice’ – especially those for engineering, planning and finance – influence the form and function of the Built Environment. Implementing green infrastructure, turning the clock back, shifting the ecological baseline, and creating a watershed legacy will ultimately depend on the nature of changes in standards of practice,” states Kim Stephens.

In 1995, the University of BC’s Dr. Daniel Pauly coined the phrase “Shifting Baseline Syndrome” to explain why environmental degradation is incremental

“Every generation will use the images that they got at the beginning of their conscious lives as a standard and will extrapolate forward. And the difference then, they perceive as a loss. But they don’t perceive what happened before as a loss. You can have a succession of changes. At the end you want to sustain miserable leftovers. And the question is, why do people accept this?," stated Daniel Pauly.