Nanaimo Water Symposium

Restore Watershed Hydrology, Prevent Stream Erosion, Ensure Salmon Survival: Released in October 2017, the Shelly Creek Water Balance & Sediment Reduction Plan has established a provincial precedent for implementation of “water balance approach” to restoration of watershed health

“The challenge is to move from stop-gap remediation of in-stream problems to long-term restoration of a properly functioning watershed,” stated Peter Law, Vice-President of the Mid Vancouver Habitat Enhancement Society. “Existing standards of practice have resulted in negative impacts. Continuing to use those standards will result in further environmental degradation of the watershed and loss of stream productivity. Building support for action starts with community engagement.”

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ATTEND & BE INSPIRED: Nanaimo Water Symposium – Collaboration Success Stories on Vancouver Island (April 11-12)

“Changes in the global climate are accelerating and disrupting the water cycle. Local consequences, ofttimes negative, are magnified. To make the right decisions, we need to understand how and where the water rhythms are changing. We must adjust our land use and infrastructure practices before its too late,” states John Finnie, Chair of the Nanaimo Symposium Organizing Committee. “Attend the symposium on April 11-12, 2018. Listen. Hear. Be heard. And make a difference.”

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SAVE THE DATE TO BE INSPIRED – The Hard Work of Hope – Collaboration Success Stories on Vancouver Island (April 11-12, 2018)

Join us in Nanaimo for a field trip, public lecture and symposium on watershed stewardship, the water balance and restorative development. “What we are essentially talking about is reconciliation: going back to the headwaters of where we got our relationships with water and with one another wrong so that we can start back down the river of time – this time together – with a full understanding of the importance of embracing a water-first approach to planning human interventions in the environment,” states Bob Sandford.

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