Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia posts PowerPoint presentations for “2014 Managing Water Workshop”

“Our collaboration with the Irrigation Industry Association paid dividends and opened eyes. Participants from local government were exposed to a practical side of water use in the urban environment. It gave them an appreciation of the impact on municipal, potentially either good or bad, depending on whether outdoor irrigation systems are well-constructed or poorly constructed," stated Peter Law.

Managing Water Workshop: Strong technical program plus tradeshow attract large crowd to Victoria venue

Drawing from both the local government and irrigation industry sectors, the workshop registration total was 105. “The turnout from the irrigation industry in providing a strong tradeshow component is a clear indicator of the value that they saw in supporting the workshop. The strength of the technical program attracted an attendance from up and down the east coast of Vancouver Island, as well as from the mainland," stated Karen van der Gulik.

Water and the Urban Environment – Adapting to a Changing Climate

“Soil depth is a primary water management tool for use by local government to adapt to a changing climate. A well-designed landscape with healthy topsoil helps communities through both wet and dry times. Soil is a sponge. It holds and slowly releases rainwater. This can limit runoff during rainy weather; and reduce irrigation water need during dry weather,” states David Hislop.

Agriculture and Water – How Will Climate Change Impact the Future on Vancouver Island?

"Agricultural Land Use Inventory data facilitates local government planning for agriculture, monitoring of trends in their communities, and evaluation of proposed regulations. It has been used to determine potential conflicts along Urban/ALR edges, crop practices along riparian areas with endangered species, and consequences of proposed changes to setbacks and minimum lot sizes," states Corrine Roesler.

FEATURED PRESENTER: “It is no accident that we gather around water coolers and watering holes,” says Angus McAllister, pollster and researcher

“Through my polling research, I have learned that people are hardwired to water, at both the functional and emotional levels. It is no accident that we like to gather around water coolers and watering holes. Water brings people together. It is a natural starting point for any conversation about common interests, and by extension, our shared future. Stories unite us. Water does it," states Angus McAllister.

“Interest in the vision for moving towards settlement, economy and ecology in balance provides an incentive to attend our AGM,” says Tim Pringle, Past-President of the Partnership for Water Sustainability

“We continue to influence practitioners with thought provoking truths: use and conservation of land are equal values; healthy human settlement systems and ecological systems are inter-dependent; and, settlement in balance with ecology can lead to enduring prosperity. We make available tools and support services that enable practitioners to focus on water sustainability as an essential form maker of our communities," states Tim Pringle.

Informing a Vision for Vancouver Island: An Introduction to the “Workshop Team”

"We believe we have an exciting program. We have brought together a powerhouse team. These individuals are leading by example in their respective worlds of endeavour. A commonality is that each is passionate about what they do. We hope and anticipate that the collective enthusiasm of the presentation team will energize those who join us at the workshop in Victoria. It will be a memorable event," states Kim Stephens.

Informing a Vision for Vancouver Island: Partnership releases program overview for workshop on “How Managing Water Now….Will Shape the Future” (December 9, 2014)

“Water is a form maker. It defines communities. Also, the consequences of our water-centric decisions ripple through time. Recognizing these factors, our workshop is designed to spark a conversation and ultimately inform a shared vision for Vancouver Island. The workshop will demonstrate tools that can help communities achieve a vision for settlement, economy and ecology in balance.”

REGISTER NOW for a workshop on “Convening for Action on Vancouver Island: How Managing Water Now….Will Shape the Future” (December 9, 2014 in Victoria)

"The Irrigation Industry Association and the Partnership for Water Sustainability are again partnering to co-host and jointly organize a workshop. This second annual event is built around the Annual General Meeting of the partnering organizations. At the conclusion of the morning session, we will take a 90-minute lunch break to hold separate annual meetings. Then it will be back to the workshop,” states Karen van der Gulik.