CAVI Forum within VIEA Summit – “inclusive format encouraged debate and discussion,” says VIU’s Dan Hurley

“Today was a fascinating discussion which covered, from a university perspective, pretty well every faculty that we have at VIU: from history to philosophy to science. And of course, there was our discussion about values. All in all, I found it to be a very stimulating discussion. It was a very inclusive type of format, one which really encouraged debate and discussion AND inclusiveness," stated Dan Hurley.

CAVI Forum within VIEA Summit – “our mantra is communicate, collaborate, cooperate and coordinate,” says Derek Richmond

"If you are going to align efforts on a watershed scale, then getting it right at the front-end means looking beyond your boundaries to envision the bigger picture. In other words, global thinking for local action. It means you are communicating and cooperating with others to ensure that your collaborative results are coordinated in a timely manner," explained Derek Richmond.

CAVI Forum within VIEA Summit: “no one stakeholder group can create the dynamic necessary to balance ecology and economy,” says Marianne Stolz

"CAVI's initiative-based approach has helped VIEA recognize how important it is to bring participants to the table, and to develop plans and strategies that will help identify and protect sustainable resources. And VIEA fully recognizes that we cannot have effective watershed management if we do not have all parties buying into that perspective," stated Marianne Stolz.