CAVI-Comox Valley Regional Team announces dates & venue for 2011 Learning Lunch Series

“The Comox Valley team comprises talented people who would do more if they could. They are developing the talent to go on a journey to jointly use their capability to manage the community more effectively than in the past. The regional team approach will help them get there. Their willingness to work together is impressive," stated Tim Pringle.

The Infrastructure Deficit (Liability) – Time for a Change?

“In the past we have thought of the Infrastructure Deficit as a funding problem…Once we look at it as a Challenge to Seek out Infrastructure Alternatives then we can see that there are a number of disciplines that we have previously not done much to include in our deliberations," wrote Australia's Dr. Penny Burns.

CAVI announces that Town of Comox will host 2010 Comox Valley Learning Lunch Series

"We are trying to change a way of thinking, building, developing that has been taking place for over 100 years – we won’t turn it completely around in only a few years. But we are starting to make a difference. Water-centric thinking is beginning to take hold and it will grow more quickly with time, eventually becoming the norm," states John Finnie.