Rainwater Management

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International Joint Commission (IJC)

The IJC is an independent binational organization established by the Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909. Its purpose is to help prevent and resolve disputes relating to the use and quality of boundary waters and to advise Canada and the United States on related questions.

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Government Saskatchewan: Sasktachewan Environment – Water

This website provides information on the protection of our water including: drinking water, aquatic habitat, environmental monitoring, water regulations, and water protection. Environmental Assessment processes help us ensure proposed developments in Saskatchewan are sustainable.

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Environnement Quebec : Water

This section gives access to the full text of Quebec's Water Policy, its highlights and a promotional brochure. Integrated watershed management is a major course of action of this Water Policy. We invite you to read the valuable information relating to water which is available in this section.

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Government of Nunavut: Department of Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development also means development that includes all our people, that draws on the talents and on the collective wisdom we have inherited from our ancestors. When these three elements are in balance, the protection of our land, economic development and the full participation of our people, then I believe economic development can be sustainable.

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Government of the Northwest Territories: Public Works and Services – Water and Sanitation

Public Works and Services and other government departments work together to provide safe drinking water and effective sewage systems in NWT communities. Our department’s role is to provide technical support. We review designs of water and sewage systems. We tests models of new methods of water quality improvement. We give technical advice on new construction material and equipment.

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