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Blue Frontier Campaign (BFC)

BFC's goals include: organize a national conference of “seaweed” activists to help create a Blue Movement, campaign for an American Oceans Act to protect our public seas, work to improve ocean policies in America's 23 coastal states and their watersheds, support maritime community activists through a distribution of model policies and practices that work, among other actions.

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Government of Canada: Green Government

Welcome to, the Web site to learn information on the Government of Canada's effort to green its own operations and to share knowledge on sustainable development in government operations.

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InfraGuide: Innovations and Best Practices

InfraGuide works collaboratively to create a network advantage within the broad infrastructure community, and to develop and disseminate best practices and tools that encourage innovation to support sustainable municipal infrastructure decisions and actions that protect and enhance the quality of life of Canadians.

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Infrastructure Canada: Research Gateway

The mission of Infrastructure Canada’s Research and Analysis Division is to ensure that a more comprehensive knowledge foundation is in place to support and inform policy and decision making.

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Smart Growth Online

Spurring the smart growth movement are demographic shifts, a strong environmental ethic, increased fiscal concerns, and more nuanced views of growth. The result is both a new demand and a new opportunity for smart growth. This website discusses smart growth issues including community quality of life, design, economics, environment, health, housing, and transportation.

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Better Buildings for Greater Vancouver

Existing buildings represent 80% of those that will prevail in Greater Vancouver beyond the next decade. Retrofitting these buildings to reduce their demand for energy, all other resources and the on site generation of solid and liquid waste can improve the bottom line for building owner/operators, lessen their environmental impact and save taxpayer dollars. The Better Buildings portal, initiated by the GVRD and its partners, provides a one stop source for achieving these benefits.

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Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD): Buildsmart

To help us develop our region in a way that lets us achieve economic prosperity, environmental health and community well-being, Buildsmart provides a resource for the design and construction industry, helping you make smart, sustainable choices when crafting the future of our constructed environment.

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Cousteau Society

Educating people to understand, to love and to protect the water systems of the planet, marine and fresh water, for the well-being of future generations.

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