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Urban Water Demand Management – POLIS Project on Ecological Governance

The Urban Water Demand Management Project (UWDM) is a 2-year initiative, which began in January of 2003 at the POLIS Project on Ecological Governance. The UWDM Project, based out of the University of Victoria, seeks to understand the structure and dynamics of urban water use, and to provide mechanisms to help reorient Canadian water management from supply to demand-side approaches. In the context of ‘Governance for Innovation’, a term that promotes the adoption of innovative and alternative solutions, the UWDM project intends to develop a comprehensive legal and policy framework; as well as decision making tools that are of national and regional significance.

Global Water Partnership (GWP)

The mission of the Global Water Partnership is to "support countries in the sustainable management of their water resources." The GWP's objectives are to: clearly establish the principles of sustainable water resources management, identify gaps and stimulate partners to meet critical needs within their available human and financial resources, support action at the local, national, regional or riverbasin level that follows principles of sustainable water resources management, and help match needs to available resources.

International Association for Environmental Hydology (IAEH)

IAEH is a worldwide association of environmental hydrologists dedicated to the protection and cleanup of fresh water resources. The IAEH mission is to provide a place to share technical information and exchange ideas, and to provide a source of inexpensive tools for the environmental hydrologist, especially hydrologists and water resource engineers in developing countries.

Inland Sea Society (ISS)

In 1988, a few enterprising and enthusiastic residents in the Bayfield Peninsula of northern Wisconsin formed the Inland Sea Society. The Society was created in conjunction with organizing the 1st Annual Inland Sea Symposium. The Symposium was created to promote environmental stewardship through education and recreation.

Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA)

CWRA is a national organization of individuals and organizations interested in the management of Canada's water resources. The membership is composed of private and public sector water resource professionals including managers, administrators, scientists, academics, students and users.

Freshwater Action Network (FAN)

FAN aims to ensure that freshwater NGOs are strongly represented at international water policy forums and to ensure their voices are heard during the increasingly political water debates. FAN also aims to strengthen effective NGO participation in policy making throughout a cross-sectoral international network, incorporating the aims of different NGOs with a range of advocacy priorities.

World Water Council (WWC)

WWC is the International Water Policy Think Tank dedicated to strengthening the world water movement for an improved management of the world's water resources and water services. Its mission is "to promote awareness, build political commitment and trigger action on critical water issues at all levels, including the highest decision-making level to facilitate the efficient conservation, protection, development, planning, management and use of water in all its dimensions on an environmentally sustainable basis for the benefit of all life on earth".

BC Tap Water Alliance

As communities are established, as populations increase, our shared responsibility should not only be directed towards monitoring the provincial inter-ministerial and public processes in place on what has and is occurring in our local watersheds, and to our subsurface flows, but also to become visionaries for the future well being of those community residents and to the integrity of our watersheds.