Sustainable Rainwater Management: ‘Water Balance Model Express for Landowners’ ready for prime time in November 2012 in Victoria!

The Express integrates three pre-set performance targets using a methodology developed by Jim Dumont, Engineering Applications Authority for the Express. These are watershed-specific and link rainfall to stream health. This frees users to focus solely on selecting rainfall capture measures that will achieve their specific pre-set targets for storage, infiltration and stream baseflow sustenance. The underlying technical approach is precedent-setting.

WBM Express introduced to Metro Vancouver Regional Planning Advisory Committee in July 2012

"The presentation informed RPAC members regarding the responsibility of individual municipality's responsibility to mimic the water balance to protect stream health. We learned about the benefits of developing pre-set targets to help guide landowners in achieving an effective combination of site enhancements to capture rain where it falls," summarized Susan Haid

Partnership released “Vision Document for Water Balance Model Express” in March 2012

"The Vision Document is the first step in the implementation process for the WBM Express. The Partnership has developed guiding principles and a framework for tool development. This sets the stage for undertaking technical design and programming in the coming months. In the interim, this Vision Document will serve as a communication tool," wrote Ted van der Gulik.