FLASHBACK TO 2012: Re-built on a new platform to expand its capabilities, the 'Water Balance Model powered by QUALHYMO' is a shared legacy that resulted from a building blocks process over time

“This unique web-based tool is the shared legacy of a team of senior practitioners,” stated Kim Stephens in 2012. “It is the outcome of a process that has depended on the commitment of a number of organizations, and especially the efforts of the champions within those organizations, to produce a series of deliverables that successively advanced the practice of rainwater management within British Columbia.”

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FLASHBACK TO 2012: Prototype of ‘Water Balance Model Express for Landowners’ Unveiled in Victoria at Capital Regional District Workshop on Sustainable Rainwater Management

“The workshop was a one day, two-part session. It provided information about the tools, and how they have been successfully applied in other jurisdictions. The workshop was designed to provide everyone – from general managers to technicians – with a common understanding of the WHY, WHAT and HOW of better delivering on regulatory objectives and compliance,” stated Brianne Czypyha

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Sustainable Rainwater Management: ‘Water Balance Model Express for Landowners’ ready for prime time in November 2012 in Victoria!

The Express integrates three pre-set performance targets using a methodology developed by Jim Dumont, Engineering Applications Authority for the Express. These are watershed-specific and link rainfall to stream health. This frees users to focus solely on selecting rainfall capture measures that will achieve their specific pre-set targets for storage, infiltration and stream baseflow sustenance. The underlying technical approach is precedent-setting.

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Water Balance Model for Express: Metro Vancouver grant triggered federal Climate Change Adaptation funding in 2012

“Elected representatives on the Utilities Committee learned that the Water Balance Model is a tool available to Metro Vancouver’s (municipal) members so that they will be able to more effectively and efficiently fulfil their rainwater and stormwater management actions under our region’s Integrated Liquid Waste and Resource Management Plan,” stated Mayor Darrell Mussatto.

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Partnership released "Vision Document for Water Balance Model Express" in March 2012

“The Vision Document is the first step in the implementation process for the WBM Express. The Partnership has developed guiding principles and a framework for tool development. This sets the stage for undertaking technical design and programming in the coming months. In the interim, this Vision Document will serve as a communication tool,” wrote Ted van der Gulik.

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Metro Vancouver $50,000 grant in 2012 enabled Partnership to proceed with "Water Balance Model Express for Landowners"

“Metro Vancouver has contributed $50,000 to fund further enhancement of the Water Balance Model because widespread use of this decision tool will help Metro Vancouver and members fulfil our regulatory commitments, in particular those related to integrated rainwater management,” stated Port Coquitlam Mayor Greg Moore, Chair of the Metro Vancouver Board.

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