2011 thru 2015

"The concrete of the future lets water run right through it," wrote Jacqueline Ronson in her article about a water-absorbing driveway in Victoria, BC

“When Ron Manuel picked permeable concrete for his driveway, though, it wasn’t strictly out of altruism for the natural world (city officials forced his hand because a typical concrete driveway would require a runoff basin). His contractor came up with the idea of going permeable. It’s the first time permeable concrete had ever been used in a private driveway in Victoria,” wrote Jacqueline Ronson.

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Rainwater brochure encourages “water balance actions” in the Cowichan Valley (Vancouver Island)

“Our community is deeply committed to watershed management and stewardship. However, often they are missing the specific tools and information to transform that commitment to concrete actions,” stated Kate Miller. “The purpose of the rainwater brochure is to inform and educate property owners as to how their properties can act like a watershed – that is, managing rainwater properly by first capturing runoff and then slowly releasing it back into the ground and to streams.”

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City of Victoria Identifies Benefits of Implementing a Stormwater Utility

“It gives us much more administrative authority to govern incentives and provide different rates for better services. So if people use a lot they’re going to pay more. If someone puts in some sustainable systems and actually reduce that significantly, as we’ve done on Dockside Green, then we can give them a lower utility rate,” said Kim Fowler.

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