Alberta hosts first of five in the “Across Canada Workshop Series” on Resilient Rainwater Management (Oct 23)

“Back in 2004 folks from the Pacific Northwest visited Alberta to talk about their learnings in sustainable stormwater management. Those discussions were part of the early impetus to the formation of the ALIDP - the Alberta Low Impact Development Partnership. Ten years later, how has rainwater management evolved in BC? How does it compare to Alberta and the rest of Canada?,” stated Leta van Duin.

Gas Tax Grant Program: British Columbia Links Infrastructure Funding to Implementation of “Watershed-Based Approach”

"Avoidance of a future financial liability is a driver for Sustainable Service Delivery. This starts with land use and watershed-based planning. No matter what level of Asset Management implementation a local government is at, the key message is that including nature, natural resource management and natural services into their thinking should be done at the beginning - and the beginning has everything to do with planning," stated Glen Brown.

Legend and Legacy of Ray Linsley (1917-1990): Connecting the Dots to British Columbia’s Approach to “Mimic the Water Balance”

The volume-based approach that is being implemented in British Columbia picks up the baton that Dr. Ray Linsley started more than a generation ago. As a professor at Stanford University, Linsley pioneered the development of continuous hydrologic simulation as the foundation for water balance management. He was a true giant of the profession through distinguished teaching, research, professional practice and service to government.

“Across Canada Workshop Series” to showcase BC’s Watershed-Based Solutions & Tools

“The Across Canada Series will be an opportunity for water resource and infrastructure practitioners to learn about British Columbia’s collaborative and science-based approach to protecting and restoring watershed health. The series met the project’s mandate to showcase viable and cost-effective adaptation solutions that ultimately will be replicated in communities across the country,” stated Dr. Blair Feltmate.

Intact Financial and University of Waterloo launch nationwide effort to weather-harden cities

“As a society, Canada must adapt to the new climate reality, and ensure that our cities, communities, infrastructure and buildings are resilient to extreme weather. This is a multi-stakeholder endeavour and we are thankful to the governmental agencies, NGOs and consumers that will participate in these projects. Together we will foster adaptation initiatives that will allow Canadians to better adapt to our changing climate," said Charles Brindamour.