2014 National Workshop Series

Across Canada Workshop Series on Resilient Rainwater Management: BC’s Partnership for Water Sustainability will showcase three web-based decision tools

“Released in 2008, ‘Living Water Smart, BC’s Water Plan’ identified 45 actions and targets that established expectations as to how land will be developed and water will be used in BC. To make it possible to achieve a number of those targets and actions, the Province led development of a suite of tools. These tools are all web-based and support enhanced approaches to water management,” reports Ted van der Gulik.

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“Across Canada Workshop Series” to showcase BC's Watershed-Based Solutions & Tools

“The Across Canada Series will be an opportunity for water resource and infrastructure practitioners to learn about British Columbia’s collaborative and science-based approach to protecting and restoring watershed health. The series met the project’s mandate to showcase viable and cost-effective adaptation solutions that ultimately will be replicated in communities across the country,” stated Dr. Blair Feltmate.

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