Restoring the Water Balance: What happens on the land matters!

“In 2002, the Guidebook transformed conventional wisdom with the premise that land development and watershed protection can be compatible. This breakthrough resulted from application of science-based understanding to mitigate seasonal changes in the Water Balance. A decade and a half later, Beyond the Guidebook 2015 is similarly transformational with its premise that protecting Water Balance Services saves communities money and restores aquatic habitats!”, wrote Peter Law.

Well, What is Rainwater Management, Really?

"The technical language is in transition. The single function view of traditional 'stormwater management' is giving way to the integrated and comprehensive perspective that is captured by the term 'rainwater management'" states Kim Stephens.

Metro Vancouver getting wetter, report shows

"Part of the problem is not the amount of rain, but how it's been coming down - not in a steady drizzle, but in intense bursts, as Vancouverites have seen this spring," wrote Frances Bula.