Regulatory Context for Rainwater Management in Metro Vancouver Region

Rainwater management is a key component of protecting quality of life, property and ecosystems. In the Greater Vancouver Region, a series of building block initiatives have resulted in a change in thinking among drainage practitioners. This change has seen the single function view of 'stormwater management' give way to the integrated and comprehensive perspective that is captured by the term 'rainwater management'.

Celebrating Green Infrastructue Program: Showcasing Innovation Series Launched in Greater Vancouver Region

The "Celebrating Green Infrastructure Program" is an outcome of a Consultation Workshop that was organized by the Green Infrastructure Partnership in May 2005. The goal of the program is to build regional capacity through sharing of green infrastructure approaches, experiences and lessons learned as an outcome of ‘designing with nature'. The program was launched in May 2006 when the first event in the 'Showcasing Innovation Series'was hosted by the District of North Vancouver. The Greater Vancouver program is a provincial pilot. The intention is that local governments on Vancouver Island and in the Interior will undertake similar initiatives.