Beyond the Guidebook 2015: Local Governments in the Georgia Basin are ‘Learning by Doing’

“We all learn from stories and the most compelling ones are based on the experiences of those who are leading in their communities,” states Kim Stephens. “By telling the stories of those who are spearheading changes in practice, this helps other local governments eliminate the ‘disconnect between information and implementation’ that may otherwise hold them back. The champions are collaborating across regions.”

Beyond the Guidebook 2015: Regional district restructuring was the genesis for “The Story of the Comox Valley-CAVI Regional Team”

“The Ministry is moving forward with projects that offer custom solutions to specific regional district circumstances. While these projects are being designed to respond to specific circumstances, they may also serve as useful ‘pilot projects’ with application to other areas of British Columbia,” wrote Ida Chong, Minister of Community Services, in her July 2007 notice of intervention that defined the creation of the Comox Valley Regional District.

Beyond the Guidebook 2015 showcases “The Story of Convening for Action in the Nanaimo Region”

“In 2008, and as the outcome of a successful referendum, the RDN became the first regional government to create a drinking water and watershed protection service area with taxation authority in an electoral area. This was the culmination of a 6-year effort. In 2012, the service area was expanded to include the municipalities within the regional district and they became active participants in the watershed function,” reports John Finnie.

Beyond the Guidebook 2015 showcases “The Story of Convening for Action in the Capital Region”

“The program began in 1983 as an engineering response to high levels of fecal coliform on local beaches," reports Dale Green. "CRD has since undergone a transition, from ‘stormwater-based thinking’ that is narrowly focussed, to ‘watershed-based thinking’ that is holistic in approach. The broadening of scope is reflected in the re-naming of the Stormwater, Harbours and Watersheds Program (SHWP). In 2012, the program became the Integrated Watershed Management Program (IWMP)."