Wetland Conservation in a Watershed Health Context: “Watershed Blueprints will help municipalities integrate and better deliver on regulatory requirements,” says Kim Stephens

“A watershed blueprint helps to create a picture of how to achieve a desired future condition. If communities reduce their ‘water footprint’, and if local government actions ensure the integrity of groundwater flow, they can then protect watershed and stream health. This is a reason for conserving wetlands,” stated Kim Stephens.

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FLASHBACK TO 2011: From Stormwater to Rainwater – POLIS Project and University of Victoria Environmental Law Clinic released "Peeling Back the Pavement"

The inspiration for “Peeling Back the Pavement” was a report titled Re-Inventing Rainwater Management: A Strategy to Protect Health and Restore Resources in the Capital Region. “Environmental and stream health problems in the Capital Region are the legacy of an obsolete 19th century stormwater management system—a system that fails to respect natural systems and water cycles,” states Calvin Sandborn.

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"Victoria’s Stormwater Utility a step in the right direction," writes Laura Brandes of POLIS

“The City’s stormwater program offers an opportunity to better understand and explore the connections between rainwater, stormwater, and urban runoff. In addition to being a step into the 21st century, this program is a step towards better respecting and valuing our water resources, so we can better weave the natural water cycle into the fabric of our city,” states Laura Brandes.

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Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC hosts "A Training Workshop on the Water Balance Methodology & Model" (postponed to 2014)

“By 2002, looking at rainfall differently led the Province of British Columbia to adopt the Water Balance Methodology, initiate a performance target approach to capturing rain where it falls, and initiate changes in the ways rainwater runoff is returned to streams.This science-based approach to rainwater management was formalized in Stormwater Planning: A Guidebook for British Columbia,” states Ted van der Gulik.

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