Showcasing Green Infrastructure Innovation Series on Vancouver Island launched in Nanaimo

"Through the Urban Containment Boundary, we have avoided urban sprawl and we are doing our best to do what is right; and that is why the RDN Board is both supporting and partnering with CAVI. As a Board, we believe it is our job to protect the quality of life values that attract people to Vancouver Island," stated Joe Stanhope, Chair of the Regional District of Nanaimo.

Local Governments in the Cowichan Basin Showcase Green Infrastructure Innovation

Building on the theme of limitations and planning for the future, Cowichan Valley Chair Jon Lefebure noted there is an engine of development. “We have to think about how to operate that engine differently, We must focus on preserving what we have that provides our qualtiy of life. Moving foward from today, I would like the political leadership of Vancouver Island to be more proactive."

Local Governments in the Comox Valley Showcase Green Infrastructure Innovation

“Like most other areas on Vancouver Island, the Comox Valley is at a major cross-roads as to how we will develop and still maintain the natural beauty of our community. This is a real challenge.We are experiencing phenomenal growth. So we are really depending on the practitioners to keep us grounded and realistic so that growth will be sustainable," stated Starr Winchester, Chair of the Comox-Strathcona Regional District.

Cowichan Valley Regional District and two member municipalities partner to co-host second in ‘2007 Showcasing Innovation Series’

“The Regional District, District of North Cowichan and City of Duncan will showcase the role of partnerships – first, in developing a shared vision of what the ‘valley future’ can look like; and next, in implementing actions that will bring the vision to fruition. The unifying theme is: to make things happen, local governments need to partner and pool resources," states Kate Miller.

Vancouver Island Partnership Announces Schedule for ‘2007 Showcasing Innovation Series’

Experience shows that intra-region communication among local government practitioners is the exception rather than the rule.”Yet practitioners in local government do want to learn from those who are innovating, and they do want to visit projects that are precedent-setting,” adds John Finnie, Chair of the CAVI Leadership Team, “They just need a starting point and a push to get the ball rolling."