Mayor Lois Jackson of Delta opens ‘2007 Showcasing Innovation Series’

“I really wanted to be here today. The Showcasing Innovation Series is a major priority for me because this is where it happens. Later this morning I will be chairing a meeting of the Metro Vancouver Board, and I will tell them about where I was this morning. And I will get them excited about hosting showcasing events in their municipalities too," stated Mayor Lois Jackson.

2007 Showcasing Green Infrastructure Innovation Series resonates in Metro Vancouver

“At the 2005 consultation workshop hosted by the City of Surrey, Metro Vancouver municipalities told us that they wanted to hear firsthand from those who are implementing green infrastructure, and they want to see what it looks like. In response to this need, 2006 was the first year of the Showcasing Innovation Series. In Year Two, our aim was to continue promoting region-wide networking and sharing of lessons learned, explained Paul Ham.

Showcasing Green Infrastructure Innovation Series in Metro Vancouver launched in Delta

"The event attracted over 60 people, including a contingent from Vancouver Island and Sunshine Coast. The audience comprised representatives from Metro Vancouver, thirteen municipalities, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, a half-dozen private sector organizations, and several non-government organizations. Included in the audience were senior managers and on-the-ground practitioners," reports Kim Stephens.

Township of Langley Showcases Green Infrastructure Innovation in New Neighbourhoods

“The Township of Langley is a community of 100,000 of which 80% of the land area is within the Agricultural Land Reserve. This presents a delicate balance between the preservation of agricultural land and the continued pressure for urban development. It is within this context that the staff and Council champion the theme of harmony and integration as we endeavour to focus on ‘green’ initiatives and programs," stated Councillor Charlie Fox.

The Corporation of Delta hosts first in “2007 Showcasing Innovation Series”

Delsom Estates represented the largest tract of undeveloped land in North Delta. “From the inception of the redevelopment project, sustainability was a first principle.“ recalls Marcy Sangret, “Delta staff initiated a “checklist” of environmental, social and economic sustainability elements to be considered for a mixed use community.”

Langley Township hosts second in “2007 Showcasing Innovation Series”

Resource protection – for groundwater supply and fisheries habitat – is the driver for implementing green infrastructure in Langley and the Township is developing a Sustainability Charter. “This is intended to be a high-level policy document that helps guide the Township toward sustainability on the ground. A big part of developing the document will be engaging the community," states Ramin Seifi.

UniverCity on Burnaby Mountain hosts third in “2007 Showcasing Innovation Series”

“At UniverCity residents have parks, trails, playgrounds and discounted transit, and have access to the university’s recreational facilities and other amenities. In effect, our role is much like that of a City Hall. We are facilitating the partnership between the university and the community. We are doing event planning and promoting community involvement," reports Nancy McCuaig.