GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE IN AUSTRALIA: Two years after launching the award-winning Cool Streets project in Sydney’s Blacktown, landscape architect Libby Gallagher remains a staunch advocate for the role that street trees play in mitigating the impacts of climate change and making better cities

“Environmental issues can seem monumental and overwhelming. But if you give people an opportunity to engage with something at their front door, suddenly they feel empowered to start making a positive difference,” stated Dr. Libby Gallagher. “It’s a process of empowering residents to make the right choice for their street, and enabling people to meet each other on the street. This factor is critical in building resilience. It provides people with a sense of ‘this is something that I can do’.”

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Vancouver Island: Four Local Governments Collaborate as a Regional Team to Tackle Invasive Knotweed in the Comox Valley

“Now all four governments can benefit from the single education effort that is occurring, and all residents in the Valley are aware that their local governments take the issue seriously, regardless of what jurisdiction the knotweed falls within. In small rural communities such as ours this is the type of program that relies on collaboration for success,” stated Nancy Hofer.

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An Unexpected Renaissance: River of Hope in the Bronx

“The clash of industry and nature is also one of those peculiarly urban, weirdly beautiful, hypnotic vistas, and it makes the passage upriver more magical, as the factories and concertina wire give way to weedy bluffs” writes Michael Kimmelman.

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