VIDEO: “Last few years have offered cities a sobering climate change wake-up call,” says Jad Daley

"The skills and resources needed for green infrastructure success cross many organizational boundaries — public and private, for-profit and non-profit, thinkers and doers. Urban resilience solutions must look across built infrastructure, green infrastructure and community-based adaptations rooted in social change. What will crystallize all of these best practices into common practice is the development of partnership templates and tools that link into a replicable model," writes Jad Dayley.

State of Illinois Prepares for a Warmer, More Flood-Prone Climate

"For the first time, water efficiency, green infrastructure (such as green roofs and rain gardens), and other climate-resilient projects will be eligible for financing from a multi-billion-dollar state clean water fund, instead of having to rely on smaller grants. Their approach is a model for other states seeking to build sustainable, resilient communities that are prepared to combat climate change," wrote Peter Lehner.

Penn State’s landscape architecture program full of ‘green solutions’

“The reason I think it is important for our students to have the background in green infrastructure is that they are the ones that are going to need to be leading the way,” said Stuart Echols. According to Echols, undergraduates are participating in design competitions on their own — not for class credit.