British Columbia’s Green Communities Initiative

US Conference of Mayors calls on cities to use natural solutions to fight the effects of climate change

Mayors are looking for alternatives to traditional infrastructure projects that will be cost-effective and provide residents with amenities. “What’s so significant is that there was a unanimous vote on an issue that can be so divisive. When you peel away the high-level arguments and deal with the ground-level issues everyone just rolls up their sleeves and gets to work,” said Laura Huffman.

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“Water Balance Model Express demonstrates how inter-regional partners are sharing tools and resources,” Kim Stephens informs Cowichan Valley Regional Board

“So, why collaboration? Here are the key words – affordable and effective. This is what it is all about. Money is not unlimited,” emphasized Kim Stephens. “So what is the goal of collaboration? We are talking about standards of practice, whether those practices be engineering or planning. They have to be affordable and effective. Where we are trying to get to is a healthy watershed with healthy streams.”

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