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Moving Towards Sustainable Service Delivery in British Columbia: “Build awareness first, then implement,” emphasized Glen Brown at inter-regional collaboration session


"We cannot move forward with Asset Management without consideration of the environment, and therefore the watershed. Sustainable Service Delivery builds on the principles of Asset Management. It is going to be a component, and a requirement, under the next Gas Tax Grant Program. This is where we will find traction in moving Sustainable Service Delivery forward," stated Glen Brown.

State of Illinois Prepares for a Warmer, More Flood-Prone Climate

"For the first time, water efficiency, green infrastructure (such as green roofs and rain gardens), and other climate-resilient projects will be eligible for financing from a multi-billion-dollar state clean water fund, instead of having to rely on smaller grants. Their approach is a model for other states seeking to build sustainable, resilient communities that are prepared to combat climate change," wrote Peter Lehner.

“Deal with emerging runoff, flooding and pollution problems at three different spatial scales,” urges British Columbia’s Hans Schreier

"It is becoming increasingly apparent that conventional stormwater drainage systems are ill prepared to deal with increasing rain events and a drastically changed land surface. The questions that needs to be asked is how can we deal with this new reality and how do we change the traditional stormwater management system to cope with more frequent and higher flood events?", wrote Dr. Hans Schreier.

Greener, Healthier Communities: United States Agriculture Department to demonstrate green infrastructure, organic farming in Washington, DC ‘outdoor museum’

"One of the more thoughtful landscaping undertakings I have seen will be installed over the next fifteen years on, appropriately enough, the grounds of the US Department of Agriculture headquarters in Washington. The site is prominently placed on the National Mall just steps away from the Washington Monument. The lengthy, detailed description of the People’s Garden reads like a manifesto for outdoor sustainability," writes Kaid Benfield.

FLASHBACK TO 2006: Showcasing Green Infrastructure Innovation Series launched in Metro Vancouver

“The Showcasing Innovation Series is a provincial pilot. When we talk to practitioners in local government, it doesn't matter what the region, the message is the same…they tell us that they are too busy to communicate with their colleagues in neighbouring municipalities. Yet the irony is that there is much to learn by sharing information with each other. At the end of the day, it seems that it takes a third party to bring people together," said Paul Ham.