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Moving Towards Sustainable Service Delivery in British Columbia: “Build awareness first, then implement,” emphasized Glen Brown at inter-regional collaboration session


“We cannot move forward with Asset Management without consideration of the environment, and therefore the watershed. Sustainable Service Delivery builds on the principles of Asset Management. It is going to be a component, and a requirement, under the next Gas Tax Grant Program. This is where we will find traction in moving Sustainable Service Delivery forward,” stated Glen Brown. Read More

Low Carbon Auckland: Buildings and Green Infrastructure

The challenge, says Alex Cutler, is to convince developers and home builders that green is the new normal. “With what we know about the principles of designing and building for energy efficiency, and the statistics connecting poor respiratory health with damp, mouldy homes, the building and construction sector possesses a significant opportunity to address the challenge,” says Cutler. Read More

Cities Alive: Rethinking Green Infrastructure

“The ideas being developed in Cities Alive seek to capture not only the beauty of nature but also the sustainability of balanced ecosystems. Cities Alive provides an important opportunity for ecosystem specialists to work closely with landscape professionals to optimise how we build for our future,” stated the Royal Botanic Gardens’ Monique Simmonds, OBE. Read More

New Report Reveals a Vision for Cities of the Future: Greener, Healthier and More Resilient

“We should be developing cities to promote biodiversity rather than hamper it, as part of a drive for higher quality external design to create better places for urban citizens to live, work and relax, where people can lead healthier and happier lives. As space in cities becomes more precious, planning for green needs to be considered as a fundamental consideration and not as an optional add-on or a nod towards biodiversity,” stated Tom Armour. Read More

Akron, Ohio looks to green infrastructure to save money

“A Northeast Ohio Media Group series last month highlighted and explored ‘green infrastructure’ as a potentially cheaper alternative to the tunnels cities traditionally have built to hold the sewage during storms until it can be pumped into treatment plants,” wrote Andrew Tobias. Read More

Pipes to Parks: Creating Greenspaces with Rainwater in Atlanta, Georgia

“The topic redefines how decision makers approach community planning, and is especially relevant with the record amount of rainfall Atlanta is experiencing this year; the existing infrastructure has been overstressed and there is a great opportunity to leverage green infrastructure for improvements in city parks,” says Walt Ray. Read More