Water Sustainability Action Plan inspires action in Dawson Creek, BC

“Local governments are transitioning from simply pumping and treating water to managing earth’s most precious resource. The December 2006 workshop that introduced the City to BC’s Water Sustainability Action Plan was a catalyst for that change. On a personal note, Kim Stephens has been a source of inspiration to me," stated Emanuel Machado.

Dawson Creek Water Strategy

"Council adopted a 'Water Strategy' that includes a vision for water that closely aligns with the province's Living Water Smart program," stated Kevin Henderson.

Peace River region introduced to the ‘Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia’

“The audience was diverse and represented a broad cross-section of the region,” observed Lance Jakubec. “We had elected officials from the four municipalities. In addition, we had municipal staff and community representatives such as the Dawson Creek Senior Citizens Association, Dawson Creek Chamber of Commerce, Northeast Environmental Action Team, and Dawson Creek Beautification Committee.”