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Sustainable Planning and Development – A Workshop for Small Communities in BC

The City of Dawson Creek hosted a workshop titled "Sustainable Planning and Development for Small Communities", a program developed by Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation to help small communities. According to Mayor Calvin Kruk, the workshop was attended by municipalities from throughout the Peace River region.

Peace River region introduced to the ‘Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia’

“The audience was diverse and represented a broad cross-section of the region,” observed Lance Jakubec. “We had elected officials from the four municipalities. In addition, we had municipal staff and community representatives such as the Dawson Creek Senior Citizens Association, Dawson Creek Chamber of Commerce, Northeast Environmental Action Team, and Dawson Creek Beautification Committee.”

Showcasing the Soft Path to Water-Centric Sustainability at the Building SustainAble Communities Conference

"Sustainability is a buzzword. We hear it daily…but what does it mean in the community context? The Building SustainAble Communities conference, held in Kelowna, provided a timely opportunity for three leading British Columnbian proponents of water-centric sustainability to collaborate in explaining what it means to move along the "soft path" of water use in neighbourhoods and communities," stated organizer Joanne deVries.

Moving Along the Soft Path to Water-Centric Sustainability

“While climate change will be the challenge of this generation — water will be THE critical resource for the 21st Century. We must protect, restore and enhance our understanding of this most fundamental resource. The era of water-centric planning is upon us. Now it is up to all of us to begin balancing our water budget," stated Oliver Brandes.

Soft Path to Water-Centric Sustainability: Kelowna’s Water Conservation Experience

"Our focus is on what level of water saving can be achieved through landscaped-based measures such as soil amendments and irrigation system improvements. The City has maximized the saving that can be achieved by reducing indoor water use. By tackling outdoor use, the target is to reduce peak water demand by a further 15% by 2012," reported Don Degen.

Soft Path to Water-Centric Sustainability: Conversations with Elected Officials

“In having one-on-one conversations about green infrastructure, my objective was to see the world through the eyes of elected officials. That is an important first step in figuring out how to translate technical information into a form that elected officials can readily absorb so that they can make informed decisions," stated Kim Stephens.