Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia will build on existing Action Plan foundation

"The Partnership will continue to evolve and deliver program elements developed under the umbrella of the Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia," stated Kim Stephens, Executive Director. “Now, the Partnership provides a legal entity for building on the existing Action Plan foundation and creating a lasting legacy. The Partnership vision is that water sustainability will be achieved through implementation of green infrastructure policies and practice "

“Design with Nature” philosophy guides Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia

The ‘design with nature’ paradigm is borrowed from the seminal book by Ian McHarg because it captures the essence of climate change adaptation. Adaptation is about responding to the changes that will inevitably occur. Adaptation is at the community level and is therefore about collaboration. His premise is simple: "that the shaping of land for human use ought to be based on an understanding of natural process."

Water Sustainability Action Plan adds depth to Living Water Smart

“The Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia has allowed the Province to leverage partnerships to greatly enhance the profile and resulting impact of Living Water Smart,” states Kim Stephens. “The Action Plan partners are playing a key delivery role in two of the five Living Water Smart theme areas, namely: community planning and development; and efficiency, outreach, public awareness."

Convening for Action in British Columbia: What ‘Outcome-Oriented’ Means

"Outcome-oriented planning is a problem-solving PROCESS. Going through a process becomes talent development. Participants have to be committed to the outcome. Focus on values and actions. Keep it simple," explained Tim Pringle. "To get there, they have to function as a team. It is the talent development process that enables development of outcome-oriented plans."

Beyond the Guidebook 2010: Road Map for Moving from Awareness to Action in BC to Protect Watershed Health

The future desired by all will be created through alignment of federal, provincial, regional and local policies and actions. Major breakthroughs happen when decision makers in government work with grass-roots visionaries in the community to create desired outcomes. "Everyone needs to agree on expectations and how they will work together, and after that each community can reach its goals in its own way," stated Eric Bonham.