2007 BCWWA Annual Conference provided a provincial forum for the Water Sustainabllity Action Plan

“In moving towards water sustainability, we envision that developers that balance settlement and ecology will be rewarded. Because time is money, we believe that environmental environments can be paid for through money saved as a result of faster approval times”, stated Graeme Bethell. “Because we believe that Vancouver Island has all the ingredients in place for success, we believe that it will emerge as a water sustainability pilot for North America."

Creating Our Future: Convening for Action on Vancouver Island

“The CAVI role is to provide venues which create opportunities to start conversations that will ultimately lead to action. CAVI is facilitating the move from awareness (interest) to action(practice) in changing where and how land is developed, how water is used, and how water runs off the land," stated John Finnie.

2007 Creating Our Future Workshop organized under the umbrella of the Water Sustainability Action Plan

The workshop addressed this question: how does a community weigh the benefits and liabilities of changes driven by demand for land use? "What will determine the long-term wellbeing for a community or region? In a nutshell, 'wellbeing' is about sustainability of what communities allow or prevent happening on the land. Wellbeing is about balancing settlement activity...or change...and ecology," stated Tim Pringle.

2007 Metro Vancouver Showcasing Green Infrastructure Innovation Series organized under the umbrella of the Water Sustainability Action Plan

Events were hosted by Delta, Langley Township and UniverCity. "If we can do this, then we can do more. when you have examples of what can be done, and projects are being built, you can then wrap your mind around the green infrastructure vision and say to yourself: what’s the big deal….this is really common sense….if we can do this, then we can do more," stated Mayor Lois Jackson.

2007 Vancouver Island Showcasing Green Infrastructure Innovation Series organized under the umbrella of the Water Sustainability Action Plan

“Like most other areas on Vancouver Island, the Comox Valley is at a major cross-roads as to how we will develop and still maintain the natural beauty of our community. This is a real challenge.We are experiencing phenomenal growth. So we are really depending on the practitioners to keep us grounded and realistic so that growth will be sustainable," stated Starr Winchester, Chair of the Comox-Strathcona Regional District.

Water Sustainability Committee organizes half-day program at 2007 BCWWA Annual Conference

"The conference provided an opportunity to broaden awareness within BCWWA of how the committee is implementing its work plan through partnerships with the Province and other organizations," stated Kim Stephens. "Desired outcomes for water sustainability and green infrastructure are common to both, and can be achieved through infrastructure standards that reflect a full and proper understanding of the relationship between land and water."

Convening for Action Program Captures Attention at BCWWA Conference

"The objective when ‘convening for action' is to influence practitioners to learn about and use practices that better balance the necessary relationships of settlement activity and ecological assets in local and regional landscapes," stated Tim Pringle. “A critical issue is where to put the settlement so there will be the least damage to ecological assets."