Towards Water Sustainability on Vancouver Island

"The landscape and livability of Vancouver Island is rapidly being transformed by settlement, economic growth and water supply pressures. This CAVI - Graeme Bethell - June 2008 (120p)workshop provides the opportunity to participate in a real life process that has relevance to what Vancouver Island may look like in 50 years,thell." stated Graeme Bethell.

Water and Cities: Acting on the Vision

“Experience shows that big meetings don’t work in terms of creating change. The program design for Water and Cities is predicated on the realization that moving from talk to action starts with people having a conversation. Spontaneous communication in turn leads to dialogue; and it is dialogue that leads to consensus on what needs to be done," stated Patricia Gallaugher.

UBC Okanagan University Celebrates 2006 World Water Day

“Here in the Okanagan we are facing our own water issues as a result of unsustainable forms of development that are now leading to unprecedented levels of habitat and species extinction. Equity of access to water is also an issue that is becoming more problematic as water becomes an increasingly scarce resource," stated John Wagner.

Gaining Ground Summit Brings World-Class Speakers to Victoria

The Gaining Ground conference program was designed to foster a convergence of ideas and people, approaches and professions, to ensure the conference ‘conversation’ is rich and charged with potential for new thought and collaboration. World class speakers included Paul Hawken.