VanDusen Botanical Centre is Canada’s 1st Living Building

“It’s great to see how the new Visitor Centre has enhanced the garden’s profile. The building has become a city landmark and we’re seeing younger and more diverse guests enjoying the expanded programming," states Vancouver Park Board Chair Sarah Blyth.

Urban Agriculture Blossoms in Ballard, Washington – Greenfire Campus used the Living Building Challenge as its roadmap

"The innovative rainwater management approach strives to create a built condition that mimics nature through the use of features that maintain or restore a site’s natural hydrologic conditions, achieving an effective net zero amount of impervious surfaces. The Earth, just like all forms of life, needs to be able to breathe and take in water in order to maintain or restore its health," writes Mark Buehrer.

Rainwater Harvesting: Best Practices Guidebook for Canada’s West Coast

"The Guidebook is pragmatic. It strikes a balance between ‘too little versus too technical’ by providing information in a way that helps homeowners, builders, designers and suppliers understand what is required of them. Whether it is due to interest or regulation, it is about how to give homeowners and others the tools they need to be able to act," states Chris Midgley.

Changes to BC Plumbing Code Enable Rainwater Harvesting

“The BC Building Code enables innovation. Designers can propose Alternative Solutions to the Building Code. Coupled with this enabling opportunity, however, is a duty for designers to demonstrate how they are being responsible in applying an understanding of Building Science," states Zachary May.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Rainwater Harvesting Workshop includes Tradeshow Component

“This one day workshop will provide information on how with the right controls in place, harvested rainwater can be used for irrigation, outdoor cleaning, flushing toilets, washing clothes and even drinking water. In conjunction with the workshop, we will also be holding a mini-tradeshow," states Mike Tanner