2017 Blue Ecology

BLUE ECOLOGY WORKSHOP: Module 4 – Michael Blackstock presents the case for “An Attitude Switch” (November 28, 2017 in Richmond)

The journey to a water-resilient future starts with Western science acknowledging water for its central functional and spiritual roles in our world. “Attitude influences behavior,” states Michael Blackstock. “Blue Ecology is a new cross cultural approach which inspires a new attitude towards water.  There is good reason to have a strong belief in hope, instead of fear, while facing climate change.  The good news…it costs nothing to switch our corporate or personal attitude.” 

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BLUE ECOLOGY WORKSHOP: Program Preview – Partnership for Water Sustainability unveils the program for interweaving First Nations cultural knowledge and Western science (November 28, 2017 in Richmond)

“The program is visionary yet pragmatic. Bob McDonald, Fin Donnelly and Michael Blackstock are a powerful trio. The Blue Ecology theme, blending First Nations cultural knowledge and Western Science challenges us to be more inclusive when addressing watershed systems,” observes Eric Bonham. “If we can create a documentary out of the workshop that blends Michael’s central message with commentary from Bob and Fin we will have a powerful message indeed.”

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BLUE ECOLOGY: Planet Reconciliation – an article about how to enhance Western science’s knowledge of the water cycle for the benefit of hydrologists and water managers (published in Water Canada magazine, March-April 2017)

“There is hope for future generations. Success depends on embracing a water-first approach. What we are essentially talking about is RECONCILIATION: going back to the headwaters of where we got our relationships with water and with one another wrong; and then starting back down the river of time – this time together – with a full understanding of the importance of embracing a water-first approach to planning human interventions in the environment,” wrote Bob Sandford.

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FLASHBACK TO 2003: “Charting a New Course – A Vision for Integrated Water Management in British Columbia” (Okanagan launch event for Water Sustainability Action Plan)

The Blue Ecology workshop in 2017 is a natural evolution of the vision for integrated water management as shared at the 2003 focus group workshop that launched the Water Sustainability Action Plan. The approach in developing the Action Plan is grounded. “Successful initiatives inform provincial policy through the shared responsibility model,” stated Lynn Kriwoken.

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