Smart Planning and Living Water Smart in British Columbia: Ministry of Community Development Circular informs local governments about the Penticton Forum

"The forum program is organized as four modules and is built around two themes that are intertwined, namely - ‘creating our future’ and ‘doing business differently’. The Penticton Forum supports and/or complements various provincial initiatives," states Glen Brown. “The Penticton Forum supports and/or complements various provincial initiatives that establish expectations for implementing green infrastructure."

PENTICTON FORUM STORY #3: Doing Business Differently – Convening for Action in the Okanagan

“The Okanagan Basin Water Board is the hub for people to convene around when the topic is water. Our mandate is to communicate and coordinate. In the process, we are tapping into a huge reservoir of volunteers. This is what creates the energy, the will and the momentum to do business differently in the valley," stated Anna Warwick Sears. “The OBWB provides a forum for the member local governments to address regional service delivery matters and issues."

PENTICTON FORUM STORY #4: Creating Our Future: Sustainability by Design & The Natural City Vision

In his blueprint for action, Vic Derman points the way to a more sustainable future. “The Natural City challenges traditional approaches and sets the goal of creating a region that is environmentally sustainable, socially equitable and economically sound,” he states. Vic Derman calls the project “THE NATURAL CITY” to reflect the dramatic shift in direction it demands. “Three ‘lenses’ are offered as a way to scrutinize and direct the choices we make.”

PENTICTON FORUM STORY #5: Creating Our Future: Today’s Expectations are Tomorrow’s Standards for Living Water Smart

“A provincial policy framework is now in place that enables municipalities to ‘do business differently’ in order to design their communities to live in harmony with water,” stated Lynn Kriwoken. “By living water smart, communities will be more prepared for climate change and their quality of life will be enhanced. The ‘design with nature’ paradigm captures the essence of climate change adaptation."

PENTICTON FORUM STORY #6: Town Hall Sharing: How Will Embracing the Living Water Smart Vision Help Your Community Do Business Differently?

“A distinguishing feature of the Penticton Forum will be the audience interaction segment that is part of each module. We are characterizing them as Town Hall Sharing Sessions to underscore that we are going beyond question and answer segments,” stated Ron Smith. “Each Town Hall segment will be preceded by context presentations that are intended to inform and stimulate."

FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT FOR PENTICTON FORUM: Smart Planning & Living Water Smart: Approaches and Tools for Doing Business Differently in BC

The purpose of the forum is to showcase how partnerships, collaboration, innovation and integration are helping local governments in three regions make the best choices for sustainable, healthy and vibrant communities. "The Water Sustainability Action Plan provides local governments and practitioners with the tools and experience to better manage land and water resources," states Ted van der Gulik.