Hastings Creek Watershed Blueprint: Much More Than a Report!

"The Hastings Creek Blueprint is much more than a report. It is an online decision support tool: map-based; and inter-departmental in application. It is already enabling the District to incorporate early actions into operational work plans," emphasizes Kim Stephens.

Regulatory Context for Hastings Creek Watershed Blueprint

"The Ministry’s renewed emphasis on the rainwater management component of Liquid Waste Management Plans has created an opportunity to demonstrate how to integrate regulatory compliance and collaboration," stated Cairine MacDonald, (former) Deputy Minister of Environment in a September 2012 announcement.

Hastings Creek Watershed Blueprint: Provincially Significant and Precedent-Setting

“The Hastings Creek story is the first in a series of Watershed Blueprint Case Profiles that the Partnership is releasing. These will inform inter-regional collaboration among local governments in BC. We anticipate that sharing experiences will accelerate effective watershed restoration and/or protection within participating regions,” states Tim Pringle.

Hastings Creek: View the Watershed through a “Sustainable Service Delivery” Lens

“Integration of the Lynn Valley Town Centre and Watershed Blueprint processes has yielded invaluable understanding. We have a plan; there is agreement about the goals; we are developing tools for use by staff, developers and homeowners; and we have a schedule of opportunities. Everything that we need is in play," states Gavin Joyce.