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Convening for Action in British Columbia


"Convening for Action is a provincial initiative that supports innovation on-the-ground. From the perspective of those leading and/or participating in regional programs, having this community-of-interest provides the opportunity to 'tell our story' and 'record our history' as a work-in-progress," states Ray Fung.

Green, Heal and Restore the Earth: Ian McHarg’s “Design with Nature” vision has influenced implementation of British Columbia’s Water Sustainability Action Plan


In his 1969 book, Design With Nature, Ian McHarg pioneered the concept of environmental planning. "So, I commend Design with Nature to your sympathetic consideration. The title contains a gradient of meaning. It can be interpreted as simply descriptive of a planning method, deferential to places and peoples, it can invoke the Grand Design, it can emphasize the conjunction with and, finally it can be read as an imperative. DESIGN WITH NATURE!," wrote Ian McHarg.

2014 Annual Report for the Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia

“The Partnership will continue to implement the Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia in 2015; and will look for new opportunities and activities that can help us celebrate our successes. Success can only be accomplished through the integration of efforts of practitioners, including our many partners in the provincial government, local governments and non-profit societies," stated Ted van der Gulik.

The Partnership’s 2015 Board of Directors

The Board comprises Richard Boase, Peter Law, Tim Pringle, Derek Richmond, Mike Tanner and Ted van der Gulik. All have demonstrated via past performance that they can make an effective contribution in achieving the Partnership vision for settlement, economy and ecology in balance.

2014 Annual General Meeting: CAVI Chair reflects on a vision for Vancouver Island in 50 years

"Since the launch of CAVI in 2006, the primary focus has been information sharing and education. The depth of experience within the CAVI group has enabled it to intuitively know what works and why. It is hoped that we will be able to move that success to another level. By building on the essential concept of thinking and planning on a watershed basis, timing is right to integrate and expand this concept as the foundation of the 'vision' for Vancouver Island," wrote Derek Richmond.

BC Ministry of Environment

“I really believe that the key to the success of the Ministry’s relationship with the Partnership and its evolution over the years has been our shared vision for water stewardship. Also, I have a really strong belief that senior governments can’t do it alone…can’t do it nor should senior governments do it alone…when there is such a wealth of knowledge and innovation and ideas at the local level," stated Lynn Kriwoken.

2014 Annual General Meeting: Report from the Partnership’s Executive Director Looks Ahead 10 Years

"In view of the demographic shift that is taking place in society, and that is characterized by a loss of institutional memory, the Partnership’s leadership team is committed to a bridging and mentoring role over the next decade. We are here to guide. Over the past year, we have been encouraged by the emergence of a generation that we anticipate will be the future leadership in local government," stated Kim Stephens.

Nominees for 2015 Board of Directors

The Board comprises six (6) Directors. At the 2014 Annual General Meeting, Tim Pringle and Derek Richmond were elected by acclamation to 3-year terms as Directors.

Across Canada Workshop Series on Resilient Rainwater Management launched in Calgary: “extremely informative and inspirational,” stated Yvonne Faas, Senior Stormwater Engineer

"Some of the most valuable take-aways from the workshop for me personally were the reassurance of community support and motivation. The forward thinking visions were inspiring! As an engineer, the technical tools and charts were certainly of interest to me. The cross-learning between a variety of specialists has remained thought provoking since the workshop, and has resulted in me reaching out to my network already," stated Yvonne Faas.

Shifting Baseline Syndrome: “Why we all need to care about Watershed Health,” Kim Stephens informs Metro Vancouver elected representatives

“The reason we all need to care about Watershed Health is that another million people are expected to call Metro Vancouver home by 2041. The ‘salmon crisis’ in the 1990s galvanized awareness in BC that our baseline was shifting, suddenly and dramatically. In the local government setting, a learn-by-doing process is opening minds and building confidence that we can re-set the baseline. It will take time, commitment and perseverance,” stated Kim Stephens.

City of North Vancouver

“On the North Shore, people are passionate about their creeks. Protection of salmon habitat and stream health is important to us. We all can make a difference by designing with nature. The change starts with rain gardens. A single rain garden will not make a material difference to stream health. But 1000 rain gardens would be a different story. Restoring stream health requires a long-term commitment," states Mayor Darrell Mussatto.

Premier Christy Clark announces that Ted van der Gulik inducted into British Columbia Public Service Hall of Excellence

“This event marks the 10th year we have been recognizing and celebrating public service achievements that have made real differences in people’s lives,” said Premier Christy Clark. “I wanted to find a special way to honour individuals who have made exceptional and lasting contributions to British Columbia. Now the Hall of Excellence is the highest form of recognition public service employees can strive for.”