Summer Livestock Water Troughs

This factsheet outlines options for basic outdoor livestock water troughs used in Summer conditions. Many photos and drawings are provided in this informative publication.

Winter Outdoor Livestock Watering

This factsheet from the Resource Management Branch of the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands outlines options for livestock watering in winter conditions with some ideas and pointers for successful systems. Various energy choices are discussed.

Sources for Livestock Water

Information is available in a factsheet which compares water sources for livestock and the developmental methods, advantages and disadvantages.

Watering Livestock Directly from Watercourses

Available from the Sustainable Agriculture Management Branch website of the Ministry of Agriculture is a valuable factsheet which discusses direct access to watercourses for livestock watering.

B.C. Livestock Watering Handbook

This 274 page Handbook consists of 35 Ministry of Agriculture factsheets totalling 202 pages and 5 publications from other agencies totalling 72 pages.