State of Environment Reporting

About 97% of water licensed in British Columbia is for power production, including storage for power production. The remaining 3% of water licensed is for consumptive uses such as industrial, commercial, drinking water or agriculture

Australian Water Management Websites

The following Australian websites provide good information for water management. The "Rainman" website provides monthly rainfall records worldwide. The "SunWater" website provides information on reservoir management in Australia and the "Watershedds" website provides a decision support system for non-point source pollution control.

Improving Water Management in the Desert of Canada

The Okanagan Valley is situated in the south central region of British Columbia, a region that is well known for orchards, vineyards and a climate that is often considered a semi desert in the southern portion of the valley. The South East Kelowna Irrigation District (SEKID) is located in the center of the valley and was faced with water management problems in the early 1990’s. The district decided to implement a demand management strategy in 1995 to help improve their capability to manage their water resource during times of drought. The strategy included the installation of meters for all agricultural and new domestic users, the implementation of an irrigation scheduling demonstration program and the development of a data management and water use reporting program.