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PARTNERSHIP CELEBRATES 5-YR ANNIVERSARY: “The vision for the website was, and is to provide a resource rich, highly interactive ‘destination location’ website,” says Mike Tanner, a founding Director

“To date, over a quarter million visitors have viewed and used the information and tools contained on the website. While this may not seem to be a large number compared to YouTube hits, over 90% of our visitors are using our site to access information that directly assist them in planning and facilitating change within their communities," states Mike Tanner.

PARTNERSHIP CELEBRATES 5-YR ANNIVERSARY: “The core strength of the Partnership for Water Sustainability, as the name suggests, has been the development of creative partnerships,” states Eric Bonham

"Over the last five years water issues have become increasingly prominent within BC and beyond. The Partnership has been at the forefront of this understanding and has, through workshops, partnerships and through the development of educational material, provided practical information, shared with others, to address this concerning trend," states Eric Bonham.

PARTNERSHIP CELEBRATES 5-YR ANNIVERSARY: “We are creating a ‘sharing of experience’ about land development practices and stream health,” observes Peter Law, a founding Director

“The reason I joined the Partnership for Water Sustainability in the early days of ‘incorporation’ was to be an advocate for educating local communities, land decision makers and the stewardship communities about the need to move from awareness to action. We need to both reduce the demand for water and protect stream health from the adverse consequences of land development practices,” recalls Peter Law.

PARTNERSHIP CELEBRATES 5-YR ANNIVERSARY: “Never forget, it all started with a conversation,” says John Finnie, Past-Chair, CAVI-Convening for Action on Vancouver Island

"Sharing challenges and successes and understanding how to achieve those successes has demonstrated what can be accomplished through partnerships and collaboration. Many of our initiatives and success stories have stemmed from the realization that what happens on the land does indeed matter and that a systems approach to watershed health does work. Let’s continue along this path," states John Finnie.

Impact of a Changing Climate: “2015 is a teachable year,” stated Kim Stephens in media interviews about curtailing of regional water use after storage in water reservoir dwindles

“The ‘new normal’ in British Columbia is drought and flooding. The summer dry season has extended on both ends and communities can no longer count on a predictable snowpack and reliable rain to maintain a healthy water balance in their watersheds. This is putting water supply systems and ecosystems under extreme stress. 2015 will change how we do business over the next few years,” stated Kim Stephens.

HOW TO BECOME A MEMBER: Partnership for Water Sustainability establishes three categories of membership


“The Directors concluded that it would be in the best long-term interests of the Partnership to make membership simple to administrate. Any individual with an interest in green infrastructure and/or water sustainability can become a member of the Partnership. All that individuals need do is go to ‘’ and follow the instructions to Become a Member," states Peter Law.

PRESIDENT’S PERSPECTIVE (2014): How Managing Water Now…Will Shape the Future

“The Partnership will continue to implement the Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia in 2015; and will look for new opportunities and activities that can help us celebrate our successes. Success can only be accomplished through the integration of efforts of practitioners, including our many partners in the provincial government, local governments and non-profit societies," stated Ted van der Gulik.

About the Champion Supporter Category of Membership


"This category recognizes agencies and organizations whose support is vitally important because that is what enables the Partnership to develop tools and deliver programs under the umbrella of Convening for Action in British Columbia. Their demonstrated commitment to achieving a shared vision for water sustainability allows the Partnership to carry out our mission," states Kim Stephens,

Champion Supporter: BC Ministry of Environment

“I really believe that the key to the success of the Ministry’s relationship with the Partnership and its evolution over the years has been our shared vision for water stewardship. Also, I have a really strong belief that senior governments can’t do it alone…can’t do it nor should senior governments do it alone…when there is such a wealth of knowledge and innovation and ideas at the local level," stated Lynn Kriwoken.